I will perform a DREAM Reading on or you or a Friend using Fortune Telling


About This Gig


Willow Malone – Fiverr White Witch


I will give you a Dream Meaning Reading for You or a Friend using Fortune Teller Magic

You will provide a short paragraph detailing the dream you wish to be read. I will then pick out 3 keywords or recurring themes from your Dream. I will then refer to the Dreampedia and begin a detailed write up explaining the significance of the themes or keywords chosen. If you wish to have 6 keywords or themes chosen please refer to the extras available.

These will have relevance and will give you insight into your everyday life and events.

**Video shows aspects of the Dream Spell which is available via the extras, the initial order is for a Dream Reading Only

You will receive a detailed write up with the themes and keywords contained in your dream. This will delivered to you as a document.