I will read your TEA Leaves using Fortune Teller Magic


About This Gig


 Willow Malone – Fiverr White Witch 


I will read your Tea Leaves using Fortune Teller Magic

Your photograph or handwritten name will be bind to the handle of the tea cup

To have a Photograph bind to the tea cup please chose the Extra

The green tea leaves will be cleansed over a Silver Candle to cleanse psychic smog 

The green tea leaves will then be added to the tea cup protected by blessed salt

The green tea leaves will soak up the water and psychic energy from the photograph or handwritten name giving an accurate fortune reading of the user

You will receive a full UNCUT Personalized Video of the session and a Photograph of the green tea leaves within the cup. You will also receive a word document explaining what can be seen from the leaves and what the leaves mean