About This Gig

Chakra is translated as a circle or wheel, that brings energy into the body and disperses it out into governing areas. During a chakra reading I connect with your energy field and bring it up before me holographically and feel into each chakra testing it for strength. I am able to discern the health of the chakra, emotions related to the imbalance, organs or belief systems that need balancing and healing. This information comes in various forms, one is purely as energy information, empathically ( I can feel the physical or emotional pain or problem of the client in my own body, story board style (information is given to me that I might relate as a story or a set of images that are flashed on my screen to share with the client). After the reading we can begin the work of healing the energy, emotions and physical distortions. Chakra's can be warped, ripped, torn, shrunken, darkened, distorted and spinning in the wrong direction. The healing can support the chakra, clear it and allow healing energy to be sent where it is needed. Additional suggestions are sometimes given to support the chakra.