I will create epic names for your cats and other pets

create epic names for your cats and other pets

About This Gig

Is your cat the life of the party but her name just doesn't reflect that?

Is your cat a feline superhero but his secret identity is a bit dull?

We are here for you!

Did you know that it's been scientifically proven that cats with awesome names go further in life than their boringly-named counterparts?  It's true!*  We swear!**

In all seriousness, fun cat names are terrific!  We can base your cat's name on their purr-sonality, their interests, or your personality and interests.  Even if your cat already has a name, but wants to be the Superman of Cats (sorry, that name's in use by a Calico from Kansas***), we will give him or her a PAWsome name that will make all other mundane cats jealous!

We can also name dogs, rabbits, iguanas, dwarf hamsters****, rainbow fish, and other oddly specific members of your family.

For an extra $5, we will create a backstory for your fur-ever friend, up to and including how they fought the Balrog in the Mines of Moria, to get the name of Snugglekins the White (formerly Snugglekins the Grey)*****.

*Not true
**No we don't
***We just made up that cat
****If you happen to have 7 dwarf hamsters, you already know their names
*****We are sorry for epic naming battles