I will be Your Professional ROBLOX Developer

be Your Professional ROBLOX Developer
be Your Professional ROBLOX Developer
be Your Professional ROBLOX Developer

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  We will create a high quality game for you on ROBLOX starting at $300 We will create one of the best games on ROBLOX starting at $425 We will create a front page ready game on ROBLOX + Ensure Success starting at $950
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About This Gig

With over 9 years of ROBLOX game development experience we have created masterpieces such as the game Zombies UnleashedGalactic Falls, and The Hexogen Mall. This service is ran by Hexogen Studios.

Here's What We Offer:  *PREMIUM QUALITY on All Packages*
The $300 Package:
  • Hosted on Hexogen Studios One of the BEST Games on ROBLOX + You Get 40% Profit
The $425 Package:
  • The $300 Package is Included You Get 50% Profit + Exclusive Hexogen Studios T-Shirt
The $950 Package:
  • The $425 Package is Included You Get 60% Profit + Front Page AD Campaign Upon Completion
The $950+ Packages:
  • The $950 Package is Included You Get 70% Profit

Profit = Your Games Income

We also:
  • Have a team of Brand ExpertsMarketing Experts and some of the Best Developers on ROBLOX. 

Upon using this service you agree that your game will be hosted on the group, "Hexogen Studios." We will handle everything including marketingupdates, and branding. This allows your game to see the front page of ROBLOX and everyone can profit from this venture. The initial payment covers development costs.

Contact me before ordering your Gig so we can determine completion time and pricing :)

**Games we build will be hosed in Hexogen Studios**

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why does my game have to be hosted on Hexogen Studios?
    We want to see our creations to see the day of light on the front page. We have the sources and reputation needed to make your game popular. This is very beneficial for you because you can learn how we market, brand, and design our games + receive DevEx payouts.
  • Will I get any credit for my game if it's hosted on your group?
    Yes! This is YOUR Game, we will take credit for building the game so we can continue to grow the brand which will benefit you as well. It will be made Very clear in the description whose game this is. You will also receive the Game Owner rank in Hexogen Studios.
  • What does the initial cost cover
    We do not create a game unless it would be competitive on the front page of ROBLOX. We plan for both the customer and Hexogen Studios to cash out using the Developer Exchange. The cost covers the cost of uploading assets, the ads needed to get on the front page, stock images/music, and paying Devs.