I will coach you on pole tricks and pole dancing

coach you on pole tricks and pole dancing

About This Gig

If you've been struggling with a pole trick (or flow, spin, conditioning etc ..) and need a different perspective I can help ..

I've been a pole dance instructor since 2005, and 'problem-solving' is one of my favourite areas, I'm a self obsessed pole geek and love to get into the technicalities and nitty gritty of how moves work. So if you need help with your Superman, first Invert, Gemini, Aysha or in fact anything (I'll let you know if your goal is beyond me), let me see what I can do. I can really break stuff down and give great descriptions of what should go where, and helping you 'feel' the right way into (and out of) your trick.

So if you just can't nail that nemesis pole trick, give me a try :-) This is a written / text service by means of email, whatsapp, etc. 

I can also view your video (suggest a shared link to youtube) and give any advice about what to try differently.

Lastly I can chat on Skype, however please note I will NOT have access to a pole there to demo on. This is just an option for those who prefer face to face rather than written messages.

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1 day delivery

Stuck with a pole trick? I'll help!

Practical advice, tips + coaching for pole trick success

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I get guaranteed successful results?
    My services aim to give you different suggestions, advice, tips, coaching, hints and ideas re your pole dance trick, they do not necessarily guarantee pole trick nailage .... but will help as a fresh perspective.
  • What if I injure myself ?
    As your regular pole instructor always tells you, please exercise caution and care carrying out pole. It is your responsibility to keep yourself safe and know your current limits. I cannot be held responsible for any injury arising from our discussions