I will send powerful HEALING energy for 11 days

send powerful HEALING energy for 11 days

About This Gig

The Witch Next Door will use their magkical energy and intention to send HEALING to you for any condition. 

What witches, shamans and yogis have known for centuries, modern science is finally beginning to understand and explain. When we alter our brainwaves to the THETA state, we experience the unity of all things; there is no separation between us. One of our three members will reach out through meditation and send you healing for any issue, whether physical, emotional or spiritual. If you need extra help, consider having two, or even all three witches mediate on helping you.

With have over fifty years of magickal experience between us, we each have a background in different traditions; one of us has a great deal of Native Spiritualism and cottage witchery experience, another is from a more Wiccan tradition and the third from a Hoodoo background. Two of us are clairvoyant; two are clairaudient and all three are clairsentient.

We look forward to helping you heal. Order now and take control of your life!