I will master your audio for $5

/ 3 Days On Average
master your audio
master your audio
master your audio
master your audio
master your audio
master your audio

About This Gig

5+ years of experience with audio engineering.Bachelor degree in Multimedia and Digital Tv and a Master in Audio Engeneering and Acoustics.
I have been in the Audio and Video business for over 5 years in national Televisions and live sound.

✏ This gig will include :

➊ Equalizing sound 
➋ Compressing sound
➌ Noise removal
➍ Silence removal ( so that audio starts immediately ) 
➎ Channel leveling
➏ Normalizing
➐ WIP (Work in progress)

WIP-I will send samples of the project I'm working on for you to see if the project is going in the direction you desire.It will be a faster work and also will end up with a great result because you will be managing the whole process.I expect full cooperation during the delivery time.

The audio will be processed with Digital and Analog processors.Can work with any kind of genre and with simple audio files for broadcast bringing a professional studio mastering.For music projects the audio will be mastered according to the DAW used by the costumer.

I will edit a max of 5 minutes for 1 gig.So if you have a long audio please buy extras to have all the audio delivered.