I will create a Moving Meditation video to help with stress

create a Moving Meditation video to help with stress
create a Moving Meditation video to help with stress

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Description Stress Relief Starter Video Introduction to Tai Chi Lifestyle Upgrade Package
  You will receive a video on how to relax the mind and body with a series of gentle movements. Learn about the goals of doing Tai Chi, and learn about the three keys to effective tai chi practice Get a custom workout tailored to your needs, plus one month access to our online training site!
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About This Gig

Learn how to effectively deal with day to day stress and anxiety with the power of Tai Chi and Meditation! In my video to you I will guide you through a moving or standing meditation that is easy to follow  and can be done anywhere. We all try to calm ourselves down in the evening, but we miss one key factor, the mind! The mind will race all day and night, taking away sleep, limiting productivity and even lower our overall health and wellness. My goal is to show you how touse my training to increase your overall quality of life.

You will Learn
  • An effective way to calm the mind and body
  • Learn meditative breathing for relaxation
  • A series a movements great for all fitness levels

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have a hard time standing, will i be able to do this?
    Yes! you can do all the movements i provided seated as well! you can start standing and sit when you need.
  • I suffer from joint pain, are your videos able to help me?
    Yes, i recommend talking with your doctor about tai chi, but, all of the movements are low impact and many of my clients experienced a reduction in joint pain after training.