I will house sit or pet sit small animals

house sit or pet sit small animals

About This Gig

I love animals, and am a very responcible and reliable individual so I'm offeering pet sitting  for 5$ yes that little. The only stipulation is that I'm only ofereing this for small animals like rats rabbit, hamsters and so forth. I will not take on poisinous or deadly animalsnor will I do cats and dogs. I do not offer both services for the 5$ house sitting is 10$

I offert this service because I know it is far more dificult to find care for our saller furry friends then it is for there bigger counterparts.

I will provide services in the relm of cleaning and rebeding of cadges, refilling watter and food and making sure the little guys get out for some exercise. I won;t be able to bring them to my place as the apartment doesn't allow it but if you meet with me and are happy then I can come to your place to look after your pet while your away and as an added bonus look after your house.

For house siting I offer  at 10$ a house; wattering of plants or outdoor gardens, dusting, feed and watter pets in the vacinity, maintaining the house the way you left it, acepting deliveries or parcels while your gone.  Any addition chorse will be extra .

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