I will configure your Wordpress site

configure your Wordpress site
configure your Wordpress site

About This Gig

Wordpress configuration through a hosting service of your choice. By hosting credentials, I can configure the database, mail accounts, plugins required, the theme to use and the basic structure of SEO

Order Details

Wordpress starter pack

Confirguration of Wordpress for the first use with great plugins

  • Wordpress Installation
  • Theme Installation
  • 2 Plugins/Extensions
  • Database Creation
2 days delivery 1 Revision
Gig Paused

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the gig provides the hosting service?
    No, you need to have a hosting service, or failing that, I would advise hiring service according to your need
  • What do I get through the gig?
    A fully functional Wordpress site with starter configuration. I'll provide the scripts for database creation together with a compressed file of the whole site
  • What do you need for SEO configuration?
    Only one Gmail account is required for configuration via Google Search Console and Google Analytics
  • Does the gig provides business email accounts?
    As long as you have an own domain and hosting service that allows such configuration, you can create email accounts like myemail@domain.com
  • Does the gig provides the theme configuration?
    Only the basic settings of the theme like demo data (If includes) and the initial structure for home page and post page