I will give you advise on pet cancer, disease, nutrition

give you advise on pet cancer, disease, nutrition
give you advise on pet cancer, disease, nutrition
give you advise on pet cancer, disease, nutrition

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  I answer 5 questions concerning your pet's health, nutrition, or basic pet training I will answer up to 10 questions concerning your pet's health and give you preventative advise I will give you a protocol on healing your pet naturally and resources where to get the remedies.
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About This Gig

I am a holistic pet consultant. I will help you with your pets health issues including cancer and many other diseases. I will give you the knowledge to detox your pet and build up his / her immune system so the body can heal itself. I will give you advise on chemical free food and how to detox your pet's surroundings.
I am also an animal trainer and will help you with your pets basic training and stunts.

It all started when my friend was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer Stage 4 and spreading. We detoxed her body and with weeks, the doctors could find no cancer at all. I decided to try this same concept on animals and then 2 of my cats were diagnosed with cancer of the immune system. I was able to heal them naturally with no side effects. They to this day are both doing well and healthy.

Allergies / Cancer / Cardio / FIP / Detox / Digestion / 
Distemper / Eyes & Ears / Heartworm / Kidneys / Liver / 
Muscular Dystrophy / Nutrition / Pancreas / Parasites / Parvo / Poisoning / Prostate / Immune / Mange / Pain & Joints / Radiation / Senior Pet Health /  Sickness / Skin & Coat / Thyroid / Tumors / Urinary / Vitamin Deficiencies /  Vomiting 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long before I see positive results if I treat my pet with holistic remedies?
    It could be as short as a week to a month depending upon how sick your pet is.
  • Why do our pets get sick and die so young these days?
    The amount of pesticides, chemicals, toxins, antibiotics in the pet foods, vaccines, drugs play a major role.
  • How long should our dogs and cats live?
    If healthy, dogs can live up to 17yrs and cats 20yrs.