About This Gig

You will receive Bible-in-one-year readings daily to the cell/mobile number of your choosing. Completing the Bible will give you an amazing feeling and boost your spiritual growth. Never again will you forget to read your passages as you work your way through the Bible from cover to cover. As you complete the Bible-in-One-Year plan, you will be engaged in a truly indescribable, unforgettable and life-changing experience. God will be proud of you!! I am currently providing this service to my church members, friends and family members with amazing feedback. ***Please note: This is a one-time setup and op-tin service using Twitter platform. You receive the reminders and messages on your phone. It complies with the MMA Consumer Best Practices Guidelines in the United States. You can opt-out whenever you want. Your phone number will not be visible to me or anybody else apart from Twitter staff only. Twitter boasts of one of the strictest Privacy Policies online. ***