I will rocket translate from English to Korean in 12 hours

rocket translate from English to Korean in 12 hours

About This Gig

Special Events:
  • This month's "Giverr" days: February 12th & 22nd & Valentine's!
  • On every 3rd purchases, you get the 40% sale bonus, whether it is a Giverr day or not :)

You have an important file that must be translated. Google translator doesn't seem to work, and people near you just don't seem to get what you are trying to say. I am sure that this package can help you enormously.
The package contains:
  • a well written translation that doesn't miss a letter while capturing the big picture.
  • Rocket Delivery of only 12 hours or less.

My specialties are IT (websites, games and software), Literature (novels, stories), 
Marketing (Ads), and General (emails, chat, media). [Various file outputs available]
For legal documents or exceeding 2000 words, please contact first.

When you know the exact word count, please divide it by 60 and rid of all the decimal places, to get your final result ^-^
(e.g. 2300 words = 2300/60 = 38.33, Final Price: $38)

When you do not know the exact word count(.jpg, .mp4, .mp3), please refer to the FAQ section.

** All translations are done manually and securely. I do not use it for my portfolio unless you allow.
    I look forward to working with you. Have a good one! 

Order Details

Article Translation

I will translate your article accurately- without losing its unique style and tone.

  • Proofreading
1 day delivery unlimited Revisions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When you do not know the exact word count:
    - Pictures, cost $6 per photo; however, it may vary by text richness. (Leave a message!) - Videos, cost $6 every 3 minutes; however, this may also vary. (Leave a message!) - Recordings, are the same as videos. (Leave a message!)
  • What is a Giverr Day?
    Every "Giverr" day, there is a 40% sale, which means 500 words instead of 300, even if you order for the first time! It is run on the chosen dates AND randomly: every time there is something to celebrate about. So, stay tuned!
  • Do you translate from Korean to English as well? (한글에서 영어로도 가능한가요?)
    Of course! Both languages are available for translation. In fact, I have a designated gig for that, so check that out! 당연하죠! 두 언어 모두 번역 가능하답니다.
  • Why is the price the way it is?
    An old man once said, "A master, is relentless in training his craft." This is a way of training my craft of language for me. I apply every feedback you give me and I'm grateful for that. Have a look around, and have a great day!
  • Just how fast can you give me the results?
    My record until now is 300 words in 11 minutes. As soon as I get your order, I start right away. [When there is a queue, I go by the list. First on the List is my top priority.]