I will help you create and finalize your app idea

help you create and finalize your app idea

About This Gig

Most clients come in with a rough idea of what they want to make. Without realizing, they pay someone or create the app themselves without looking at potential issues. I will help you overcome issues before you encounter them by finalizing your app idea before you sell it. 

Client wants to create an liquor themed game like candy crush(swipe 3 game)
His idea is to earn money, nothing else. What he doesn't realize is that he will make nowhere near candy crush's earnings as there are major flaws in his plan being:

limiting his target market to +18, no audience prior to creation, no in app ads, entering in a crowded competition segment and the list goes on. 

After discussion, a resolved finalised plan created together would be more like: colour/shapes themed match 3  with features(which competition lacks) such as multiplayer, 3d etc. with adverts only in the main menu and a small social media ad campaign to create a following. 

Essentially, I help you resolve unseen problems in your idea to make your app more profitable. 

All I need is your app proposal and your questions/concerns that you have with it and we will take it from there all the way until you are ready to create your app!

Order Details

3 days delivery

application idea creation

I will help you finalize your application idea ie. resolve unseen issues

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I need to begin?
    A relatively detailed app proposal
  • What do i physically receive from you?
    After going through your proposal and questions you want answered I will send you a revised document with all the information requested as well as my input as to how you can make your app more profitable.
  • How do you handle your service?
    I prefer to send emails back and forth, keeping in touch until the client is happy