I will write a speech for you up to 100 words per gig

write a speech for you up to 100 words per gig

About This Gig

Need to deliver a speech but don't know what to say or how to say it? Good news! I can take you where you need to go. I will draft up a speech for you on any topic. I consider myself a walking encyclopedia, with a wealth of knowledge on a diverse range of subjects. I will do the necessary research if there are things I am required to know which are not already secured in my knowledge bank. I can write any style of speech for any occasion, from your basic "toast" speech to a motivational anecdote of inspiration. Perhaps you intend to give an argumentative or persuasive speech; if so I will structure your arguments in a logical fashion. Just tell me what type of speech you are in need of and I will promptly provide you with something suitable. I will do a round of revisions before sending it back to you and then one final round of editing after taking your feedback into account. The 100 word limit is per gig; I have no problem writing much more I will just have to disperse the workload over multiple gigs.