I will revise or edit your synopsis of 250 words

revise or edit your synopsis of 250 words

About This Gig

An outstanding query or cover letter is essential for capturing an agent or publisher's interest, but what comes next? For some agents or editors, your entire manuscript. For others, a well-written synopsis, a summary, in your own words, of the manuscript you have lovingly written and prepared for (hopefully!) acceptance and publication. Your synopsis is your own retelling of YOUR story, YOUR book. It needs to make the agent or publisher smile, laugh, cry, nod their heads in approval. It needs to make them realize that their company needs YOUR work. If you have a synopsis drafted, but you're not sure it has that special something, send it to me. I will edit it, and provide thoughtful comments on what parts stand out, and what parts might just need a little more love before they reach their persuasive potential. For $5, I will edit a synopsis of one page (approx. 250 words). A longer synopsis will require more attention and work on my part to give you the quality you deserve, so I ask multiple gigs for anything after that first page (see my Extras).

Work samples available on request.