I will summarize and outline ANYTHING

summarize and outline ANYTHING

About This Gig

As a writer and student I know the importance of having summaries and outlines. I will help you organize your own content or make an outline of some outside subject for your use! Structuring information and having an overview makes it easy to distinguish the important highlights out of a big bulk of information.

I will make a summary/outline of your own work, up to a thousand words, or else research a topic of your choosing and provide a paragraph summary and/or a bullet-point outline. If you provide the material you would like summarized please don't exceed 10 pages per gig.

I will have this back to you in 24 hours or less!

Please note that I prefer not to do student's papers or assignments for them, but I can help by gathering or organizing information.

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summarize and outline ANYTHING

I will make a summary/outline

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