I will boost your WordPress page speed for $5

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boost your WordPress page speed
Excellent work my website speed is much faster thanks :)
Reviewed by paul_gold about 1 year ago
boost your WordPress page speed

About This Gig

If your Wordpress website is running slowly, you need to take action! 

Google has declared that page speed is a significant factor in their search engine ranking algorithms, so a slow site has serious implications for where you appear in Google's search results!

I can analyse your website using impartial performance assessment tools, and then implement changes designed to BOOST THE SPEED of your website's page loading.

I will fine-tune your server settings to load your site as fast as possible.

I will tweak your Wordpress settings to boost your site's speed. 

I will optimise content on your site for maximum efficiency.

There will be NO visible or functional difference to your site, after the performance improvements have been applied.

I will provide a screenshot of your site's performance report BEFORE and AFTER we have completed the performance improvements.

Turn your WordPress website into a lean, mean performance machine! 

*Certain performance improvements may not be immediately available through your specific hosting provider. In this case, I will advise on how to approach your hosting provider to make the changes for you.
Before making order please contact with me!