I will create jQuery Slider for wordpress site or blog

create jQuery Slider for wordpress site or blog

About This Gig

Looking for a WordPress Developer or Coder to work on your wordpress blog ? 

Perfect! You landed at the right place!!!

I have over 6+ years of experience working with WordPress CMS...

In past, I have worked on more than 200 sites successfully... and have a good understanding of WordPress API's and can work efficiently with it.
If you want to create/setup, edit or modify your blog/website, install plugins or edit.., i am at your service..

I will Create, Modify or Customize your wordpress blog/website slider as per your needs

I can pretty much work on all aspects of worpress ranging from
themes, plugins, sidebar, header, footer, widget, responsive design, newsletters, contact forms, memberships sites, hosting, all types of errors, html, php, css, moving files from one server to another  etc.,

If you have any doubts, you could always write to me before placing an order.