I will do PROOFREADING and Editing of 1500 words professionally

do PROOFREADING and Editing of 1500 words professionally

About This Gig

Though Google keeps on changing its ranking algorithm, but quality and error free content have always been vital. What if you write on a hot topic by burning your midnight oil with dreams of getting huge success by putting that on your web. But the reality turned other way round and it couldn't attract readers due to small spelling , punctuation or grammar mistakes. All hard work went for nothing.
To avoid this situation every writer needs a proof reader who will read their script and edit small mistakes in that. And here i am that PROOF READER AT YOUR SERVICE. With handful writing and quality reading experience, I will proof read your documents with exceptional accuracy. 
Order my gig and get your write-ups free from errors like
  • Grammar 
  • Spelling 
  • Syntax
  • Punctuation
  • Repetition
Keep in mind error free content will attract more visitors , and they will come again and again. 
I can extend my proof reading service for any 
document length. (Gig Extras)
If you have any question , feel free to drop a message.