I will be your beta reader

be your beta reader

About This Gig

It is always a good idea to have other people read your book or novel before you send it out to the rest of the world. These first readers - or beta readers - would then give you feedback on what work and what doesn't so that you can improve/edit your writing if you find the feedback relevant. 

Is the pacing of your story good? Are the characters well developed and likeable? Are there any plot holes or questions left unanswered? Or perhaps some sentences and phrases just doesn't portray what you intended it to portray?

I've been a voracious reader for over two decades, reading novels in genres such as Romance, Thrillers, Horror, and Myster - just to name a few, so I'm confident that I know a great story from a good one. 

I'll read up to 500 words of your story/novel and give my honest feedback (not many are happy with honesty, so you must be ok with constructive feedback) for $5.00. 

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