I will promote your music video

promote your music video

About This Gig

We will promote your YouTube music video to our followers and on social media. We like to do a mixture of genre-specific and widespread targeting. We've put a long time window on this gig.

We don't promote during that whole time but we do for about a week. The time window is to account for queues, and the occasional social media blocks we run into. 

We don't promise ridiculous numbers of views/likes etc, such as what the fake click farm/bot services achieve by just slamming on a load of generated views/likes. 

Our promotion is organic, so please have realistic expectations (but any results you get are real). We will only accept videos with decent quality content for this very reason! If something is poor quality then the responses will be little to nothing. It's common sense. 

We already have a great reputation from the organic work we do with people's SoundCloud tracks. Check out the ratings on our SoundCloud gig if you're worried about there not being enough ratings on this gig yet. 

Order Details

Promote your YouTube video

We will promote to followers and an abundance of fb groups, Twitter, Tumblr, + more.

29 days delivery