I will tour and secret shop apartment communities for you

tour and secret shop apartment communities for you

About This Gig

I am deeply involved/employed within the multifamily housing community. If you or someone you know would like me to tour a complex or list of complexes, I can provide full details and the low down on each property. Don't now which questions to ask? How to get the Best unit offered at a particular community? Have a prefered location within the community? Work the same hours as most apt complexes? Need a virtual tour to accompany result findings? Need me to pick up an application? Need Notorization? Need the Skinny on all the inside details? Crime rates, average commutes to ease ride to employ? I will obtain all. Able to assist anyone searching for an apartment home in DFW. Gas alone to tour each property would be worth it in itself! One portfolio full of street market info and insider's info provided with each property visited; includes pictures.
Charge/property visit. 
Basically I am your official- unofficial apartment secret shopper/locator!

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3 days delivery
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