I will proofread or edit your content

proofread or edit your content

About This Gig

I will edit your document, fiction or non-fiction, up to 1000 words, in two days. I will fix grammatical and spelling errors, and will make edits where necessary to improve the flow and readability of the document. I am a professional writer and have worked in the field for years, and I know exactly how to make your words stand out, flow and shine. I can use British English or American English. 

Please note, this gig applies for content written at a reasonably fluent level of English, by a basically competent writer. Content written in extremely poor English or auto-translated from another language into English is going to require more time, so please contact me before requesting this kind of job. 

Anything clearly over 1000 words (ie, 1100 words +) will cost an extra gig. 

Extremely fast delivery and gig prioritization (within 24 hours) is an available extra, should you have an urgent need for quick editing.