I will buttle your fiverr gig for $5

2 Days On Average
buttle your fiverr gig
buttle your fiverr gig

About This Gig

Greetings from the Fiverr Butler!

I will buttle your gig. You may be asking yourself what this means. Allow me to explain:

For only $5, I will review your Fiverr gig from the eyes of a potential customer. You will be provided with a detailed report regarding the effectiveness of your intro video, pictures, live portfolio, gig description, and extras. Grammatical and formatting errors will be noted, and suggested improvements will be provided.


I have set the time on the "I will purchase your gig and provide an HONEST rating and feedback" extra to 14 days. This allows for the delivery of most gigs. In most cases, your report, rating, and feedback will be delivered on the same day that you mark your gig as delivered.

For the "I will provide a report comparing you gig to 5 of the most successful gigs similar to yours" extra, I will deliver a detailed chart comparing the following areas:
  • Price (per unit, word, time, length, etc.)
  • Ratings (to give an idea of sales)
  • Extras/Packages (to provide ideas for extras or improvements)
  • Selling Points (that may be missing from your gig)

Please feel free to contact me with any questions concerning my gig.