I will sell you my Dating Book great for men and women

sell you my Dating Book great for men and women

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These dating stories are cheeky columns that are juicy with nuances of sensuality. Experienced  with being single and independent, I'm sharing my dating and love experiences, and invite readers to hear the opinions of my family, best friends, and former flames. Never shying away from taboo or intense subjects, this book covers everything from intimate experiences with younger men and dating emotionally unavailable men to breakups and dating the same guy again. Somehow through all all my epiphanies, revelations, and advice from friends, I believe in love after heartbreak. I'm a crusader for love and I want to inspire those who have loved and lost. It's a great book for single guys to hear how how women feel about dating and it's great for women as it's most likely something you can relate to. A great book for those who are single and who are dating. It would even be great for someone in a challenging relationship.

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