I will give you a guide to a 7 part email sequence that sells

give you a guide to a 7 part email sequence that sells
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About This Gig

They didn’t buy your product, but you captured their email. Now what? You’re probably asking yourself:

  • What’s the mindset of my leads?
  • What’s my realistic window of opportunity?
  • How often should I send follow-up emails?
  • Most importantly... what do I say to make them buy?

This simple, proven, easy to implement email strategy will maximize any list regardless of what business you’re in.

Whether you’re selling a physical product, a digital product, or a service, this tried and true email series will ensure sales to even the most stubborn customers.

I will give you a 7 page PDF with explicit instructions on how to write emails that sell your product or service.

I break out a 20-day email series that is proven to engage and sell to your email subscribers. From subject lines, to topic themes, this guide will get more conversions from your optin leads.

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1 day delivery

A guide to writing an email series

This guide will give you all the tools you need to convert your warm leads into hot sales.