I will send you a reminder message every day for a week

send you a reminder message every day for a week

About This Gig

I am a Coaches Training Institute-trained Life Coach (as well as high-rated, featured copyeditor here on Fiverr). I have coached women and men through many life situations and with this gig, I'm willing to be your accountability partner through simple daily messages!

I've had such success on Fiverr with my editing work, that I'm ready to try using my coaching skills here on the site. 

For $5, I will send you a reminder email every day for 7 days, to remind you and help motivate you to do something you say you want to do. Whether it's healthier eating or exercising, or something work-related, or making sure you call your mom, I can help by being your "trigger reminder" each day for a week. 

With the $5 gig, I will send you a message via Fiverr's website (I can't go offsite) so please check your Fiverr messages daily. Choose a "gig extra" if you'd like me to send you the same message for 2 weeks or more.

Let me help you get out of the stuck place you're in. It's often as simple as a daily reminder from someone who can help you feel accountable to your own desires and needs!