I will give you bible school outline to start your own bible school

give you bible school outline to start your own bible school

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Do you think of starting a Bible School in your church and don't know how to go about the outline or which topic to focus on. Don't worry because i will deliver to you a two stages bible school teaching outline that will impact all your prospective bible school student and increase your church attendance.

Below is the content for each of the stages. Every student start with the certificate course and graduate for the diploma course.

Certificate Course Content
1. The Realities of Creation 
2. The Purpose Driven Life
3. Covenant Of Prosperity
4. The Ministry Of Scriptures
5. Success Principles
6. Christian Service
7. Success In Marriage
8. The Healing Covenant
9. The Holy Spirit

Diploma Course Content
1. Christian Character Development
2. Principles And Fundamentals Of Faith
3. Principles Of Wealth Creation
4. Anointing For Breakthrough
5. Divine Wisdom
6. Pursuit of Vision
7. Family Life
8. Principles Of Evangelism
9. Dynamics of Success.

I am a dedicated christian and have worked as a Sunday School teacher in my local church for the past twelve years writing and development outline.

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