I will transcribe 15 minutes of audio or video for $5

/ 1 Days On Average
transcribe 15 minutes of audio or video
transcribe 15 minutes of audio or video

About This Gig

I'm here to make all my clients happy by accurately TRANSCRIBING their Audios and Videos in English only

Need someone reliable to transcribe both your short term and long term projects? or an accurate transcript for your audio or video? 

Definitely you're in the right page

Your business is my priority. 

 Allow me to transcribe your audio and provide you accurate transcripts, also let me help you reach your business/project goals through the help of my transcription services.

 What are my goals with each transcript?

·         Speed

·         Accuracy

·         Confidentiality

Each transcript is properly formatted. Strict grammar and punctuation rules are adhered to and of course, file security is very safe with me. 

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NOTE: Interview(s) is $10 for a job of 15minutes.