I will give you your meaningful Chinese name

give you your meaningful Chinese name

About This Gig

No matter if you have a business trip in China coming up,  want a poster/tattoo, or strive to know what the meaning in Chinese is - you need to translate your name. Translating a name to the Chinese language can be more difficult then it seems. Since there is no alphabet, finding a name similar in pronunciation is not always easy.  But the most interesting aspect is the meaning of your name. There are hundreds of commonly used words pronounced the exact same way but with different meanings and a different Chinese characters. Some of them will have neutral meanings, while others could be disastrous in the somewhat superstitious Chinese culture.

For this reason, I am going to spend a good amount of time to think of different variations of your name. I will provide you with multiple alternatives and also tell you what the meanings are.  I will type the characters in both simplified Chinese (used in PR China and Singapore) and traditional Chinese (Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan).

If you want a unique poster or tattoo, I can provide you with an image of handwritten Chinese calligraphy, if you purchase another gig. Please message me beforehand.

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10 days delivery