I will create any QR Code for you

create any QR Code for you
create any QR Code for you
create any QR Code for you

About This Gig

I will create a QR Code for you to use it on several ways.

I can create QR code for: 
  • WiFi  - Connect to a Wi-Fi network by scanning QR Code (Anrdoid only) 
  • Calendar - Event  will be added to your Calendar by scanning QR Code
  • Website - Link to any page on the Web
  • Text - Hide any text under QR Code
  • Business Card - vCard and MeCard - personalized contact details
  • PDF file - Link to a mobile-optimized PDF
  • Images - Show a series of photos
  • MP3 - Play an audio file
  • Email - Send an email full pre-stored in the QR Code scanning)
  • SMS messages - Send a pre-recorded SMS  by scanning the QR Code
  • Facebook - Get more likes for your page
  • Twitter - Get more followers
  • Youtube - Get more views
  • Phone - Call a number by scanning QR Code
  • Location map - Get location just by scanning QR Code 
  • App - View your App on various App Stores
  • Multi URL - Link to a different website based on filters 

For 5$ you will get:
  1. Custom QR code (any type)
  2. Custom Color for your QR code
  3. Custom Background color

For Extras you can get:
  1. Custom logo on your QR Code
  2. Custom Look of your QR Code (circles, stars, shadows, diamonds and etc. instead of just squares) contact me for more info

Don't hesitate to message me  if you have any questions