I will go outside and play with my dog

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Reviewed by bizbuildermike 9 months ago
go outside and play with my dog

About This Gig

I'm a writer. I write full time—it's my job. And, like many self-employed, I spend long hours in the office concentrating on work. 

I have a dog. She's a sweet German shepherd. 75Lbs of puppy. She spends most of the day outside playing with balls and saying hello to the neighbors. I'm often so engrossed in writing that I forget to go out and play with her. 
I'd bring her inside more often, but she thinks the best thing in THE WORLD is to lay her head on my hands while I'm typing. Makesh may tyapding like rhia. 

So, I have a quandary. I'd love to play with her more, but doing so is time away from my office—away from working. Working that pays for both our food. It's a horrible situation, yes? 

So for $5 I'll go outside and play with my big lovable puppy for at least ten minutes. 

I honestly don't expect this gig to ever happen. 

But a giant puppy will be so much happier if it does! 

* Cat Time: If we can find the cats, we'll play together too! Same with the skunks if they want to visit. 
* Silly Talk: I'll say silly things to my dog (and other animals). Nothing racy or obscene, please. My puppy is only four.

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