I will give sound advice on relationships, finances, etc

give sound advice on relationships, finances, etc

About This Gig

You can count on me to give you expert advice in any area of your life in need of change.  I consider myself an expert because I did it!  I lost over 100lbs without surgery, pills or gimmicks.  I re-branded myself after being laid off from Prudential!  I started my own Staffing Agency!  I built large teams in MLM.  I am currently writing "My Story".  I have a wonderful relationship of greater than 20 years!  I am a mom of 2 and have traveled the world.     I overcame stuttering, I got in and out of debt and still manage to buy a home and save for retirement.

I overcame many fears and many insecurities, and I a m Happy!!!!!

 My only purpose in life is to be that glimpse of hope for those feeling hopeless; to be their cheerleader when they have no one else cheering in their corner.   To  inspire those to believe deeper and expect greater!     I am the one you have been searching for.  I am that answer!  Give it a shot and you won't be disappointed!

Lets ELEVATE together!  You can count of me because I DID IT!!!

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