I will provide accurate marketing analysis on wine market in china

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provide accurate marketing analysis on wine market in china

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The biggest and fast growing wine market in the world , Annual rate of growth of more 40%, still rising !

The second largest importer country of french wines, the No.1 importer of Australian wines!

The retail price of one bottle of "Chateau d' Arsac 2014" in France,  is around 13 euros, in China, the lowest wholesale price for 50 cases, is 180 RMB per bottle, think about it !

Yes, this is the reality of Chinese market !

As being a wine lover and experienced wine importer, I have got involved in this field for more than 6 years, therefore,  can provide the accurate and throughout marketing analysis and business solutions for anyone who intended to explore this vast developing market ,especially in tier 3 and tier 4 cities around inner China.All my statistics are based on big datas collected by cellphone app used by thousands of real-life active users, combined with my own observation on the behaviors of different target audiences.

So, if u're interested in making fat profits in the wine market here, I do believe my suggestions will help u obtaining huge advantages over other competitors.

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