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FU符咒, is one Taoism magical piece of writing, blessed and finished by venerable Taoism monks, therefore, always carries powerful and mysterious positive energies that are able to strongly influence the holder's life.
FU符咒,will be effective only when written and blessed by true Taoism monks. In China, the methods and rituals of practicing FU符咒,have been passed down from generations of generations of Taoism monks since 34 AD, even today, the secrets are still kept in close hands by a small group of monks called "ZhengYi Tao", living only in a handfull of faraway temples in China.
 My FU符咒,are all written and blessed by my ShiFu,Master Zhao, being practicing inner dan , Taiji and FU for 41 years, He is now the Abbot of Temple "Sun Zhen Ren" in the remote WangWu Mountain, the final resting place of the famous Taoist Priest " SunSiMiao", also known as " King of Medicine" in China, every FU符咒 when prepared, must go through a 4 steps' procedure strictly according to the traditional ways.
I will provide u effective FUS for Luck Business Money Boost,  Work Career Life Boosting, School and Studying Boost, House Protection,Love Relations Health enhancement,etc.
Just tell me what u need !

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