I will create an amazing customized 3d video greeting

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create an amazing customized 3d video greeting

About This Gig

(NOTE: Please don't be put off by the blurry preview above; Fiverr re-encodes the videos for the preview which destroys the image quality.  Rest assured that your actual delivered video will be high quality, crystal-clear AVC/H.264 video.)

For only $5, I will build you a customized 3D animation of hundreds of marbles colliding using physics simulation and forming YOUR message!

This gig is very unique; as it is not just a message drawn on top of a video, but the message is a very integral part of the animation, and is rendered using ray-tracing techniques to form the best quality image!

Perfect to send as a very unique video greeting card to share with your friends and loved ones.  You specify the text and the color!  If you wish, I can also use an audio file that you provide.  (Otherwise I will use my own default.)


Technical notes: 30 characters max, resolution 854x480 (see gig extras for more options)