I will help you thrive and conquer

help you thrive and conquer

About This Gig

My gig's goal is your goal! If you need someone to talk to, someone to listen and not judge, or someone to help solve a problem, then this gig is the one. It's a work in progress, right now, but so are you! This gig will thrive and conquer along side with you, no matter what! 

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This package includes advice, trust, comfort, and all the love and support you need.

2 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if your advice didn't work?
    That doesn't mean we should quit, we will figure out the next step!
  • What if we talk about something triggering?
    I will place a warning beforehand and there will be different kinds of hotlines for emergencies.
  • What if it's really out of your league?
    If one of us feels that I am not handling a situation properly, we should let each other know and we will work from there.