I will slap a DOPE instrumental to your song or rap

slap a DOPE instrumental to your song or rap

About This Gig

High Quality Production

We have produced, mixed and mastered various genres of music, from R&B, Soca. Reggae, Calypso, Rap/Hip-Hop, Rock/Metal, Dubstep, Video game reqs, audio effects, orchestral/cinematic, dance hall to good ole Acapella.

Beat Composition

New Age - Trap, RnB type Hip Hop, Rock Hop, High Trap, Vinyl Hop
Old Skool - Crunk, Soul Hip Hop, G-Funk etc.
Form on Request.
Key on request.
Tempo on request.

Professional Mixing Processes

•  Corrective/Balancing/Track by Track EQ
•  Multi-Band Compression
•  Clarity and Punch optimization to help bring alive your flat sound.
•  Harmonic Exciting & Saturation Processing for warmness.
•  No "presets" used in the process,  track is handled based on its genre needs.
• Final mixdown at -5db, for Slapping your vocals on top, quality 24bit / 44Khz or higher WAV or AIFF mix, 
[Your choice for no extra fee!].

Speedy Delivery!

Your unique and exclusively composed track will be mixed and be sent in 24 hours or less.


Check out my SoundCloud profile to hear basic samples:  https://soundcloud.com/xaspectproduction