I will teach you how to stay safe on the Internet

teach you how to stay safe on the Internet

About This Gig

Over the past few decades, technology has developed so incredibly much that even the experts are having a hard time keeping up.

So it's no wonder that the average person doesn't really understand how you can TRULY be protected.

If the recent news items about cyber crime have scared you, but you just don't have the time and energy to do a lot of research on how to reach your desired level of protection, then don't worry. You came to the right place!

To me it does not matter whether or not you're a house wife or a successful businessman with secrets to protect. They both need to feel safe with their private data and machines. I'm here for every single person who wants to protect their machines and privacy.

I'm afraid you're just gonna tell me to download a virus scanner and keep clear of malicious emails.
Have no fear. Besides pointing out all the obvious stuff like that, I will also determine the type of protection you need. I refer to my earlier example of the housewife and the businessman. Obviously the businessman is gonna need to be a lot more careful then the housewife, but doesn't have to pay more for consulting me. That's the beauty of my service!

Privacy for everyone!

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