I will translate English to Jamaican Patois or vice versa

translate English to Jamaican Patois or vice versa

About This Gig

Jamaican Patois is an ever-growing language in Jamaica that is more spoken than written, but a quick glance at Jamaican education news will tell you many are fighting for it to be officiated as a language and to be taught in schools. Roughly 95% of Jamaicans speak Patois by default.
It is considered a humorous language, substituting many English words with its own. I consider it a severely broken English.
There is more to it than just an accent; movies depicting Caribbean characters usually have them say 'mon' after every sentence, a common misconception. Words like that only pop up when someone is upset/angry/surprised.

The natives will respect you more if you bother to learn a little about their language...a lot take pride in Patois as do others like Spanish or German, etc.

I can do simple sentences, short stories, old essay papers...you name it!
I can also translate the lyrics of Patois songs to English.
500 words = 1 gig.

Cuss words are included. All (if not most) English cuss words have a Patois counterpart.

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3 days delivery