I will compose and produce orchestral score for videos and games

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Description Premium (LONG) Package Standard Package Entry Package
  Up to 10 minute songs, for long scoring. For longer songs, such as videos or short films. For short songs up to 90 seconds, ideal for loops.
Commercial Use
Commercial Use is the use of a delivery for any business related use intended for profit.
HQ Audio File
Master-quality uncompressed audio file, such as WAV or AIFF.
Separated Tracks / Stems
Seller will include all instrumental elements as separate files (in addition to mixed track).
# of Instruments
The max number of instruments or recording tracks used in a composition. More tracks means a bigger, richer, multi-layered sound.
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Recording Length (in seconds)
The maximum recording length (in seconds) included in the package (additional time may be available for purchase in Extras).
600 180 90
The number of tweaks the seller includes.
5 2 0
Delivery time 14 days 7 days 7 days

About This Gig

Whether you need high-quality orchestral music for your indie game or your short film, I'm here to provide it for you. Listen to my sample tracks to get a sense of my style and the instruments I tend to use!

I'm capable of composing & arranging music of various different types, though I feel most comfortable in the orchestral setting. I can however compose a jazz or pop piece for you, as long as it's purely instrumental.

It can be intimidating, upbeat, happy, odd, dangerous, or anything else you can imagine.

ALL songs can be loopable if requested!

Please however do NOT link me to songs you want your song to sound "like". It'll mess with my own creativity and I might end up subconsciously plagiarizing something. Instead, either describe it with words or hum a melody or beat, or even play it on an instrument if you own one.

Note: I will always try to make the most epic piece of music. Sometimes that means that it'll be a few seconds longer or shorter, depending on the track.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you do electronic music?
    I can, in theory, compose purely electronic music. I am most comfortable with chipsounds (those old video game sound effects), but not so much with other electronic music such as dubstep.
  • Can you add vocals?
    The vocals I can add are limited to male and female choir sounds and chants (such as HOO, HAH, HEY). I myself am not a singer, so I can't add lyrics to your song. If you'd like to provide vocals for your own song, I can add them in and master them though!
  • Can you do a cover of [song]?
    I most certainly can. Please note however, that this will likely void your rights of commercial usage, depending on the copyright holders of the song you want me to cover. Check with them first, to make sure!
  • Can you do [insert genre here]?
    Please contact me if you want me to do a song of a particular genre. I mostly do orchestral music, but I'm experienced with Jazz as well.