I will translate English into Russian

translate English into Russian

About This Gig

Dear friends, I would appreciate if you'll read the description and/or contact me before ordering if you not sure about translation. Thank you!

Up to 550 words for 1 gig


NEW: Proofreading & Editing also available! Please, contact me for more info.

I can do different kind of translations from literary to legal. I can translate for you songs, websites, essays, contracts, agreements, articles etc.

I have more than 3 years working experience in marketing and advertisement sphere. 

NOTE: If you are asking me to translate any text which contains any term or requires special knowledge (science, medicine, construction etc), ask me in advance! You should understand that such kind of translations SHOULD be done by professionals in order to be 100% correct. For 5$ I WILL NOT research the topic! If you still want me to do that and I will agree to translate the text for you, I will charge EXTRA. 

TIME FRAMES are chosen to avoid expiration! Yes, sometimes I can deliver earlier without extras!