I will clear and activate your chakras

clear and activate your chakras

About This Gig

Chakra is a sanscrit term that means 'wheel' and refers to the energy vortexes that direct all our emotional, mental, energetic and physiological processes.

We have a large number of chakras throughout our body (7 major ones and many minor ones), the main ones being located along our spine,  from the perineum to the  top of our head. Being energy vortexes, they look like 'mini tornadoes' projected to the front and to the back of the spine. Their role is to synchronize our energetic architecture and its processes, and make sure the energy circulates correctly throughout our subtle bodies (etheric, astral, mental, etc...). When they´re blocked, closed or running slow, this has negative repercussions for our overall health.

There are many ways to open, clear and boost our chakras (through mantras, visualisation, gems, sound, colours, flower elixirs...): I personally use ThetaHealing, a complex energy healing therapy developed in the mid-90´s by american naturopath Vianna Stibal, of which I am a certified practionner.

I will identify, clear (and report) all blocks in your main chakras, and boost those that are slow.