I will clear your blocks with energy healing work

clear your blocks with energy healing work

About This Gig

The aim of energy healing work is to balance our energetic structure and dissolve the blocks and interference that prevent it from functioning harmoniously.

Besides our physical body, our energetic structure is made of 'subtle bodies', each dealing with a specific aspect of ourselves as a whole (the spiritual, emotional, mental and energetic) and linked through the chakra system. This energy field can become clogged, sluggish or unbalanced, due to a wide array of factors:

· poor diet or unhealthy habits (tobacco, alcohol, drugs);
· electromagnetic or chemical pollution;
· uncontrolled emotions and emotional upheavals;
· mental factors (obsessions, phobias,...);
· internal or external scars that never properly healed and are blocking the correct energy flow;
· etc...

The aim of this gig is to bring balance to whichever area of our energy field needs it, so if you contact me, please point out a specific issue you would like to work on.

I'm a level-2 seller with nearly 1000 orders fulfilled. I use a number of energy healing modalities that I´ve studied and practised for nearly a decade, please check my profile page for more reference.