I will clear your trapped emotions and heart wall

clear your trapped emotions and heart wall

About This Gig

The Emotion Code is a holistic therapy developped by Dr Bradley Nelson which postulates that emotionally-charged events from our past can still be haunting us in the form of “trapped emotions”, emotional energies that literally inhabit our body. The more they pile up in our bones and organs, the more they attract similar emotions and create imbalances on a mental, emotional and ultimately on a physical level.

The conventional Emotion Code protocol involves identifying and clearing each trapped emotion one by one, an expensive and time-consuming process, as we all host hundreds of trapped emotions.

I personally use ThetaHealing, a complex holistic healing system of which I am a certified practicioner with a solid experience. This technique enables us to clear all trapped emotions and the heart wall at once.

However, unlike in standard Emotion Code, I do not provide a listing of each trapped emotion and its 'genealogy' (where it is lodged, who it came from, when, how, etc.). If that´s what you want, there are great 'traditional' Emotion Code practicioners on Fiverr!