I will cut energetic cords with anyone of your choice

cut energetic cords with anyone of your choice

About This Gig

Energetic cords refer to the transfer of astral and etheric energy between two people. Cords can develop between anyone you’ve had a strong connection with – whether it be a lover, a friend or a parent.

Unfortunately, cords do exactly what their name suggests: they tie you energetically to people and this continual exchange of energy (usually a 'one-way exchange' too) will drain your energy supply. They are also accountable for emotional addictions on someone you know is no good for you but, somehow, you can´t seem to be able to let go of.

Only once you’ve dissolved or cut the cord, will you be completely 'independent' from that person and will have more energy to focus on loving yourself and fully living your life!

I am a certified ThetaHealing practicioner with a solid experience. ThetaHealing is a complex energy healing therapy that gives us the ability to work remotely on someone (always with their permission and in the highest and best way). One aspect of ThetaHealing work is the ability to dissolve cords between 2 persons (even if one is deceased) and retrieve the soul fragments of each of them.