I will perform a full auric cleansing

perform a full auric cleansing

About This Gig

The aura is the multi-layered ensemble of energetic boundaries that makes up our body´s electromagnetic field. Each layer has a special, definite function and their combination attracts and repels outside energies on many levels (emotional, mental, energetic, spiritual, etc...).

When the aura is fully functioning, malevolent and negative energies are kept at bay, while positive energies, people and situations are attracted into our lives.

Accidents, traumas, alcohol and drug use, negative emotions and restricting beliefs (to name a few) can create a number of disfunctions in our energetic boundaries, - holes, rigidity or permeability -, that will have affect us negatively in our daily lives.

I am a certified ThetaHealing practicioner with a solid experience. ThetaHealing is a complex energy healing therapy that gives us the ability to work remotely on someone (always with their permission and in the highest and best way).

The aura clearing consists of restoring your energetic boundaries to their integrity and eliminating all discordant energies attached to it.