I will repel any spell or psychic attack

repel any spell or psychic attack

About This Gig

I am certified ThetaHealing practicioner with a solid experience. ThetaHealing is a holistic healing system that has many applications: one of the basic exercises is to repel psychic attacks aimed at someone and offer long-term protection against further attacks.

What is a psychic attack? It is negative energy that is sent with the conscious or unconscious intention to inflict harm upon you, your life or your family. Those negative energies can be projected in the form of thought, fuelled by hate, jealousy, envy and other similar fear-driven motives.Harm can then manifest in your emotional, physical, spiritual or mental state.

Intentional psychic attacks occur when someone thinks a lot about you in negative (or lustful) terms, with a strong emotional content. Drug users, schizophrenic and paranoid people tend to have a much stronger mental focus, and therefore much more sustained psychic attacks.

Intentional attacks occur through spells. This is black magic and has severe spiritual consequences for both the spell caster and the client: we strongly urge you to NEVER mess with that.

Please contact me before ordering, in order to assess if you are or not under psychic attack!